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    MobileMonday™ (MoMo) 2015

  • MoMo Munich

    MobileMonday™ (MoMo) Munich is an open community inclusive of mobility professionals and those wanting to benefit from digital and mobile advances. MoMo Munich focuses on networking, educating and cultivating business opportunities through events.

    During MoMo Munich events, we demo products, share ideas and discuss local and global trends paving the way for advancements in the field of mobile technology.


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  • Happy Holidays!

    Our next event takes place first quarter 2016. If you would like to participate send an email to: info@momomuc.com

  • Peter Brabec

    Peter Brabec of IBM is a guest speaker on November 16, 2015. Peter leads the API Management, Cloud Integration and DataPower Segment in IBM for Europe. Peter is responsible for driving adoption across all of Europe. This includes technical and architectural questions as well as identifying obstacles and opportunities to make those products successful. Peter’s main focus is to drive integration projects across several brands, vendors and industries. Some of these solutions were the first of this kind in those countries.

    The API Economy

    "Creating paths to new business opportunities"


    IBM will review the potential of APIs and how they create new routes to market, new business models and new innovation, for almost every business. In addition IBM will introduce their tools used to support participation in the API Economy."

    Jan Buis

    Jan Buis will participate as a speaker for the Mobile Monday Munich event taking place on November 16, 2015. Jan draws on a wealth of experience in business development, international sales and product management. He started his professional career at Lucent Technologies in the Netherlands in the late 1990s and worked as Product Manager Optical Networking.

    After a couple of years, Jan joined the initial WLAN development organization. He held various positions in product management, marketing and sales until he joined LANCOM Systems in 2006 as Country Manager for Benelux and one year later he became Director International Sales. Since 2014, Jan Buis has been fully focusing on Business Development at LANCOM Systems.



    Customer Contact

    “The Value of Customer Contact in Retail"


    LANCOM Systems will share their view on the value of customer contact. LANCOM brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping companies connect mobile workers and customers through secure, flexible infrastructure solutions for local-area and multi-site networks.



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  • Lancom Systems

    The Value of Customer Contact in Retail

  • IBM

    Unlock the Power of the API Economy

  • Our Team

    A Team of Seasoned Professionals

    Dirk Hofmann

    Dirk is a veteran of the mobile phone industry, with more than 15 years of experience in various roles, at Siemens, BenQ, Nokia and Deutsche Telekom. During those years he has defined and realized more than 20 phones, tablets and Wearables with own and OEM teams around the world. Dirk has build Think Tanks and Trend Research Networks, has setup Big Data programs as well as he defined new consumer driven Innovation teams. Big Data, Internet of Things as well as agile development methods have been on his agenda far before those became buzzwords.

    Jewell Sparks

    Jewell has spent over 20 years as a researcher, market analyst and business development professional for Fortune 500 and startup entities focused on bringing to market innovative biotech, technology products and services. A Silicon Valley transplant, Jewell has been assessing, cultivating and normalizing innovative ecosystems across Europe, Asia and the US. She is a global mentor, advisor and strategy consultant for corporate accelerators (Ericsson, Siemens, BMW, Bosch, Media Saturn, DB), startup founders, and executive leadership teams on organizational effectiveness, customer engagement and development protocols for disruptive software, hardware, consumer electronics, mobile/internet networks, wearable and IoT solutions.

  • Focus Areas

    We care about building a strong community, providing resources and cultivating new ideas to help pave the way for advancements in the field of mobile technology. 

    Mobile Technology

    MoMo is an industry leading mobile platform network, organized by volunteers around the world, spanning

    100+ cities on all continents.


    MoMo Munich provides educational resources and demos highlighting advancements in the field of mobile technology. 

    Idea Generation

    MoMo Munich supports ideas new discoveries and founders in the area of mobile technology via our event platform and workshops.

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